That's Aufruhr.

Das sind wir

AUFRUHR:4250 ® – About us

The „Aufrührer“ (rebels)

Germany, Ruhr Area - a design desert? Innovation wasteland? Not at all!

Proof of this are Isabell Stanic and Carsten Oswald, two experienced designers from Bottrop,
who came together in late 2011, to build the label "aufruhr: 4250".
The result is an extraordinary brand of stationery & accessories. A label that combines creativity
and artistic standards with its innovative ideas and nostalgic illustrations.

 aufruhr: 4250 stands for:

  • more individuality
  • anticonformity
  • against trends
  • „Made in Germany“ – for high quality, fair price and confidence
* aufruhr:4250
|noun| [au̇f-‘rür] - revolt, rebellion,civil unrest, strike or uproar
historic postcode of our home town Bottrop, in the heart of the Ruhr Metropolis