That's Aufruhr.

Das machen wir

AUFRUHR:4250 ® – About us

aufruhr:4250® - a play on the German word Aufruhr, meaning rebellion or revolt, and the name of the label’s home, the Ruhr Metropolis -  is a young, German design label that brings together creativity and artistic sophistication with innovative ideas and nostalgic imagery.

The designs are a clear statement of esthetics that go beyondthe mainstream. Designed for the individual who seeks the new and unusual, wishing to see their own individuality reflected in the products they buy. Each design line is as unique as its name:

Sitzstreik (Sit-In), Westwall (West Wall), Untergrund (Underground) or Schattenwelt (Shadow World)...

All of our graphics are originals; hand drawn, collaged and digitally perfected.

The resulting products are of the highest quality and nearly all produced in Germany.

Made in Germany stands for high quality, fair prices and confidence.

* aufruhr:4250
|noun| [au̇f-‘rür] - revolt, rebellion,civil unrest, strike or uproar
historic postcode of our home town Bottrop, in the heart of the Ruhr Metropolis